Guest Book

Posted by Kenneth Seeley on 2014-04-04
Hello, exploring your web pages to see if your scout group would be suitable for our 11 yr old girl. Will be in touch. Very informative. Thank you.
Posted by Richard Arden on 2013-01-10
Love your Website who did it I want one :-) Boggit !st Woodhall Group ------Please
Posted by lyn jones on 2010-09-23
looking to set up a website for our scouts in north wales - got some great ideas from yours!very professional, did someone have the skills to do it, or did you have to get someone in?
Posted by Edward Chapman on 2009-10-06
Nice addition the guest book is, and good improvements on the whole website! :)
Posted by Mal Richards on 2009-09-23
nice work,looking a lot better!
Posted by Joe Brader on 2009-09-20
Loving It....Great Work Dan
Posted by nicky harrad on 2009-09-15
love the new look , great photos section ,, cant wait for more :o)
Posted by Matty D on 2009-09-14
i liking what you have dun with the website, well dun people
Posted by Dan Price on 2009-09-11
Welcome to our brand new guestbook! Please feel free to leave your comments and messages here :-)